A Window Unto Harvest

Can a man be so greatly discouraged and yet encouraged both at the same time? I’d have given up, if I had not heard the sound that brought encouragement to my despair. There I was looking at the door given for me to walk through, however circumstances proved contrary and I found myself struggling with the work I’d been given to do. At that moment, if I’d been presented with other inviting options like door number 2 or door number 3, I would have given up on the first door. Door number one is always God’s best, yet ‘the enemy comes in like a flood’ to overthrow the plan of God and hinder your work with lies, fears and discouragement. On a day when discouragements came like clouds of gloom, a refreshing word came like gentle rain from afar. God used a brother from a distant place to send the word to encourage my life. That word God used to bring a window of insight. Now I had more than a door, I had one with a view to His glory; it was a word that could stir my heart to love and good deeds. God’s word is just like that! Amid your struggle, God’s word is right on time unfailing in its touch to remove the funk of confusion and despair. It is a refreshing rain sent from heaven to change your thinking and turn your life around. I was reminded of Isaiah 40:8 which says, “The grass withers, and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” Did you get that? This word is not swayed by the temporal, but it is forever settled in heaven. It will not be guided by ‘pop-culture’ and what looks good to my thinking. It will instead give me insight and a purpose greater than something that is here today and gone tomorrow. My door now has a window where I see by the Spirit there is much increase in working beyond its threshold. I believe Jesus is saying, ‘will you partner with me finding a window unto harvest?’ Jesus says in John chapter 6, ‘the flesh profits nothing, but the Spirit gives life’. His word offers us an anointing that breaks off every yoke of oppression, so I can find a harvest in these days. The Spirit of God is saying, ‘lift up your eyes and see the window unto harvest.’ It will change your life and add much increase to your work—just beyond that door!

1 thought on “A Window Unto Harvest”

  1. Pastor Nees:

    Yes, it is true that the flesh profits nothing, however, the Spirit gives life. I thank God and find great peace and strength in knowing that as I am stayed upon Him and yield to His Spirit that He leads me into understanding and accomplishes His will through me. He brings order to my chaos and understanding to replace my ignorance as I wait upon Him and am in His word. I am thankful that the name of Jesus heals, restores, fortifies and overcomes. As we abide in Him, He leads us beyond what we can think and imagine – beyond the temporal and partaking of His divine nature, so He can move through us without impediment to reach a lost and dying world. 2 Peter 1:3-His divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness.

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