The Place of Prayer

I believe the Lord is saying, ‘You know some things, BUT you must pray!’ Prayer is awareness! The spirit of prayer will be the corrective lenses thru which God’s view of the word is opened up to you. Prayer changes our posture from haughty to humble, from sinner to saint! Prayer unlocks the Mystery of Christ to you, within you and through you! Prayer will be the defining mark of what you have come to know and what you truly believe. Recently, I heard the question asked this way, ‘How is it that you believe in a supernatural God, but don’t believe in the supernatural?’ Prayer is the key to the mystery that changes your thinking to recognize Jesus is at the spiritual place of God’s right hand of power pleading for you! Don’t tell Him He’s changed and no longer moving in supernatural power. He is there interceding for you to grasp the concept of an open heaven so you might boldly come asking to receive His grace and power (Heb 4:16).  I tell you truth, it is easier to listen to other preachers, read enlightening books, listen to spiritual music, and even read the Bible, but harder still to pray. Don’t misinterpret what I am saying, those things are good and necessary, but without the spirit of prayer, your life will be rather one dimensional missing the dynamic that can transform what you know in your head to what gets ahold of your heart!  Psalm 40 is a psalm of powerful awareness in which David’s ears are opened in corrective fashion to realize the resources afforded him by the King of heaven. What do you have need of today?  You must in faith believe “God IS, AND HE IS A REWARDER OF THOSE WHO SEEK HIM”.  What is it that you seek?  You will accomplish it in the place of prayer.

A Window Unto Harvest

Can a man be so greatly discouraged and yet encouraged both at the same time? I’d have given up, if I had not heard the sound that brought encouragement to my despair. There I was looking at the door given for me to walk through, however circumstances proved contrary and I found myself struggling with the work I’d been given to do. At that moment, if I’d been presented with other inviting options like door number 2 or door number 3, I would have given up on the first door. Door number one is always God’s best, yet ‘the enemy comes in like a flood’ to overthrow the plan of God and hinder your work with lies, fears and discouragement. On a day when discouragements came like clouds of gloom, a refreshing word came like gentle rain from afar. God used a brother from a distant place to send the word to encourage my life. That word God used to bring a window of insight. Now I had more than a door, I had one with a view to His glory; it was a word that could stir my heart to love and good deeds. God’s word is just like that! Amid your struggle, God’s word is right on time unfailing in its touch to remove the funk of confusion and despair. It is a refreshing rain sent from heaven to change your thinking and turn your life around. I was reminded of Isaiah 40:8 which says, “The grass withers, and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.” Did you get that? This word is not swayed by the temporal, but it is forever settled in heaven. It will not be guided by ‘pop-culture’ and what looks good to my thinking. It will instead give me insight and a purpose greater than something that is here today and gone tomorrow. My door now has a window where I see by the Spirit there is much increase in working beyond its threshold. I believe Jesus is saying, ‘will you partner with me finding a window unto harvest?’ Jesus says in John chapter 6, ‘the flesh profits nothing, but the Spirit gives life’. His word offers us an anointing that breaks off every yoke of oppression, so I can find a harvest in these days. The Spirit of God is saying, ‘lift up your eyes and see the window unto harvest.’ It will change your life and add much increase to your work—just beyond that door!

Working Together

This ministry has for a long time provided a place to help others. I can’t say that everyone has received help, but that has been our desire. This week I began thinking about the body of Christ working together; it is important we pull together to accomplish the purposes of the church. The church has been given the unique call to preach good news and make disciples. At our ministry farm we believe the Lord was saying to us for the past few years, “build a barn and usher in a harvest of souls”. That word was confirmed to us and so we will be using the farm to provide a variety of ministry opportunities in days ahead. It is important you see your part in the body of Christ and realize your effectiveness.  We must believe in our hearts we can reach people for Christ’s sake. So I need you to ask yourself the question, ‘what do I see as my part in His body and will I allow the Holy Spirit to prepare me to be ready in season?’ My dad used to say, ‘you get what you are willing to give’.  That is so true; we often reap a harvest out of the kind of attitude we bring with us. Often, I see people who come to church and seem to get nothing.  What did they come to bring?  Did they come just to get and not to give or participate?  Did they just bring an attitude of unbelief that thought they were not going to get much and so received nothing?  Someone has said how much attitude affects our altitude.  I believe that is important for us all to consider.  Is your attitude one of appreciation for the word or is it in merely telling what you know?  Are you spreading words that heal or do they divide?  The real issue is my heart and a faith that is working for his kingdom not my own.   Will you consider working with me to reap a harvest in these days?  Call or contact me so we can pray with you concerning God’s will and His work.  Let’s find ourselves working together in these days ahead.