The Word of Life

The Word of God is an interesting tool. Hebrews 4:12 tells us it is sharper than any two edged sword. It is a sharp instrument of definition cutting shape into your life by getting to the heart of every matter. This word brings truth and makes a place for decision to everyone who will endure its precision cuts. It moves me to dwell with great thinkers and those who pondered the path of life. With this tool the Spirit of God moves me to the mind of Christ, when I would otherwise dwell with foolish thoughts and superficial things. Its reach is vast touching the heart of every matter making my life genuinely His by putting me on ready to be the vessel only He can use. Find yourself under the influence of this word. Read it exercise it and activate its power. It is the good news power of God to activate my role in the Kingdom. With this tool working in your life, you will see like He sees, hear like He would, and care like He does. Find yourself marked by this word in order that your outreach be His touch to save, heal, and deliver those who are in your field.

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