The Living Word

To my children I often feel compelled to ask, ‘have you been in the word today, or even lately?’  That is a good question to ask yourself. You may say sure, I listened to the greatest radio preacher on the way to work today, or I am reading the latest, greatest Christian book, or I was in church just yesterday and the pastor was talking about the word.  Anything remotely similar to those responses, really misses the point of the question.  I mean, no doubt the radio preacher, the Christian author, or the pastor all base their life and message on the word.  But, are you spending time in the word of God for yourself, or are you for the most part a ‘word-less Christian’?  You’ve made a commitment, but have done little to build upon it. Have you become, according to the book of James, ‘a forgetful hearer, but not a doer of the word.’  Do something to change that this year by committing to spend time daily in the word of God.   Look for the word to move you, to speak to you, to change your thinking by hearing and doing what God says.  The Bible says God’s word is ‘living and active’.   It states that this word is further able to cut right to the heart to produce a testimony of Jesus.   It was for this reason the Apostle Paul could say, ‘for me to live is Christ….’  The heavenly Father desires for His children to be His living witnesses. You simply cannot do that without this ‘living Word’.   Or said another way, you cannot be His disciple without living in this word. Your faith depends on this word, without it you will not be able to stand in these days.  So activate your Christian life today by looking with expectation for the move of God through His living word.

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