The Kingdom of God

What is the Kingdom of God like?  How could you Illustrate It?  These questions Jesus asks and then answers by saying, ‘It is like a tiny mustard seed’, planted in a garden.  Planted within earthen vessels, the Kingdom is within you.  God has given to each a measured task in this Kingdom.  And He has not called me to compare my work to the work of others, He simply seeks for me to follow my unique talents in bringing an increase to this living structure.  Right now, in the crucible of your circumstances, God is developing faithfulness to make sons of His kingdom in order that in these days ahead, we might be that city set on a hill–a bright light and living demonstration of relationship marked by His love.  Recently, it was impressed upon me and now I say to you, God is not finished with your mistakes and is working to prepare you for the work of His kingdom..hear His voice and follow His call.