The Witness of My Love

The way you love is a witness about what and who you will follow, and it will surely dictate who you serve.  Jesus said, “by this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.”  Love for others is the test of true disciples.  It is this distinct quality that redeems men and promotes a witness that speaks louder than mere words.  This past week, I felt as though the Lord was revealing to me the true marks of His discipleship.  His disciple is a follower; he is led by the Spirit of God to become the example of Jesus by loving others through difficult and trying situations.  Jesus commands this love by saying, ‘love as I loved you, follow me.’  ‘I loved you when you were far off, even haters of God, so I loved you and say love others like that.’  Second, His disciple is a fisher of men, a rescuer of souls in danger.  He looks by the Spirit of God for ways to forgive and so redeem what would otherwise be lost.  Third, he is a finisher.  It’s not just that he is one who endures all things to the end, but that he, by wisdom, seeks to finish the work of God in the lives of others like a skillful carpenter would carefully adorn the inside of a large house making it possible for others to find life and living there.  It is to complete the work that Jesus birthed in others through much prayer by learning to love instead of loving to hate.   Jesus is calling you as His disciple to a love relationship thereby saying, ‘why not begin to pray that your closest relationships be marked by My love?’ Why not pray for those places where loving is hard?  ‘Come, develop my character of love, because I have loved you through some difficult times so you could be, as My disciple, the witness of My love.’

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