The Kingdom Purpose

Is your life and ministry like fallow ground? Is the soil of your heart laying out, growing cold, getting hard? God says, break it up, tear it down, and sow seeds of righteous behavior–those mustard seeds of faith that can remove the opposition to your life and ministry. Jesus said, faith like a small mustard seed can take away mountains of obstacles that lie before you. Jeremiah 4 says, ‘break up your fallow ground and do not sow among thorns.’ Your fallow ground is the unused portion, the place of great potential; a useful resource if you allow it to be broken up and come under the influence of the plow. I believe the Lord is saying, ‘that part is mine, it’s been redeemed, and I am seeking to place it into my kingdom service. My kindgom is come, it’s here, it’s now! I am calling you, I will empower you, and I want you to serve me not your flesh because my Spirit is upon you for this very purpose, that you might know Me and urge others to my Kingdom. Take an unwaivering approach in which you find your life in the active service of my cause not in the fallow ground.’

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