Two Steps to Right Thinking

  Do you find, like the Apostle Paul, two kinds of thinking within your members–both in complete opposition to one another (Rom 7)?  What do you do?  You must take a position and do something, else live with the consequence of a double mind. Paul, according to Romans 7, looked for one who could deliver him from such confusion and torment. Often, we try and serve both mindsets, however when we choose that option, we put ourselves in the position of getting nothing we ask from God.  Make no mistake, you will be enslaved by what you love and the ideas and images that you allow to occupy your heart.  Recoginze your sin will leave you rather deceived as a Christian leaving you caught in a double mindset.  Purpose to deal with your sin by not giving it a place to lodge.  Recognize you will be sanctified by two things at the behest of the Holy Spirit working to conform you to His thinking.  It is the word of God and prayer.  These two things alone God will use like no other in order to bring the faith that pleases Him and the communication necessary to bring you to His mind.  So get your mind right by coming to the word with a purposeful understanding, and take a stand, make a start to right thinking by calling on His Name today!

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