The Work of God in Prayer

Recently in prayer, I began to understand the source of my frustration with others.  In my discovery, I realized how I had waited on men and not waited on God.  I had waited on men to be my help;  I had waited for men to have the answer.   I was waiting on men for my next move.  It was hindering my progress slowing me down and making me angry.  I saw my failure to wait on God was causing me to miss His move and with it, His great provision.  Bottom line, it was the fear of man and not the fear of God.  I began seeing where the fear of man ensnared me and left me without a Godly mandate to move forward.  That fear of men kept me from confronting my problems and issues with others.  It left me without a voice that could speak as God to inspire true leadership that moves to victory.   I did a lot of preaching at the problem, but was distant from confronting it head on with real solutions born out of relationship.  The people were not my problem, but failure to wait on God was.  Could it be God is calling you to a ‘relationship of waiting on Him’?   In your frustations,  your failure to wait is a failure to get a word from Him to speak directly with divine wisdom into the lives of others.  You like me need to see the work of God in prayer.  It is a work that reveals willingness to wait on God bringing rest from other men’s agendas.   In prayer, the Spirit of God will cause you to find a ‘fresh wind’ to fill your sails and propel you forward to victory.

Worship at the Well

What does it mean to worship God? I mean, is it great music in some concert like gathering that enables me to find that place for myself? In John 4, the woman at the well had a lot of ideas about the place of worship, but an encounter with the person of Jesus in one day forever changed her thinking in reference to the true place of worship. You remember Jesus offered her living water from a well much deeper than her own. His offer involves a well that never runs dry. I would say that’s a deep well. Like all deep wells one must have the means by which to draw up the life giving resources. While her well required physical tools with which to draw, His well is only accessable by the work of the Spirit. Jesus went on to expand her thinking as to the true meaning of worship there around that well by revealing “God is Spirit and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.” What she didn’t realize or even his discples for that matter, was that Jesus, by revealing the true place and attitude for worship was preparing them for a witness that could in fact change the thinking of the community around them. True worship would be the enabling power of His Spirit to do his will by seeing the fields (Jn. 4:35) and working to bring in a harvest of souls.  What about you?  What about your place of worship?  Is it only enhanced by the sparkle of man’s abilty, or is it from a well that springs up from within?  Does it lead you to the cross of truth? Further, does it lead you to a life of service?  On that day, there was true worship at the well, because of the testimony of a life changed by an encounter with the Spirit of Truth.  In your place of worship, pursue the truth and His presence will take you to deep water.