The House of Worship

Jesus plainly tells us in Matthew 11:28 to come to His rest!  In John 10:7 He says, ‘I’m the door you must enter through.’ All too often we fail to see the open door Jesus has made for our entry into His House of Rest! This past spring a red bird appeared in the window at our house of worship.  At first, everyone was pleasantly distracted by his coming to the window.  However, over the course of the next few weeks he would make it his mission to attack every window on our building repeatedly becoming a nuisance to everyone.  I found myself thinking, ‘that stupid little bird…’, then God said to me, “you’ve been like that little bird”.  The truth is, we have all been just like that little red bird.  He might have found the door of entry, but he was too busy fighting his enemies, or so it would seem!  In reality, he wasn’t even looking for the door.  What are you seeking?  Is it the open door of Jesus that brings you into a place of rest, or are you like the little bird?  Just what does he see in the glass that keeps him coming back to the place of futility?  He sees himself, but he is most deceived thinking it’s his enemy.  In his zeal to fight, he is bound by a deception that allows the real enemy to steal what God says is rightfully his. There is a ‘little red bird’ syndrome bound in the nature of all our flesh. The little bird is fighting against his own image though he doesn’t see it.  Your image will always make you angry, frustrated, and captivated by Your-SELF and the image IT produces.  There is a blindness only Jesus can remove.  He says to you, ‘I’ve an anointing that can heal blind eyes so you can see the door of rest.’ It is a place of recovery, it is a place of release and abundance.  Any attempt to use something other than the door will leave you beaten and bruised.  There is hope and healing at the Open Door of Jesus!  His lessons are the cure of our ‘Red Bird’ syndrome!  He is saying to you, ‘Son/Daughter, use the door! It represents the only legitimate way to my service and pleasure and by it you will produce My glory and not your own!  Use the door, and you will be able to move freely in my presence where there is fulness and joy.  It will be a fulness that will keep you from robbing Me and being robbed of what I alone have given you to possess!

The Good News

cropped-image1.jpgIt is important you see your part in the body of Christ and realize your effectiveness. We must believe in our hearts we can reach people for Christ’s sake. The Apostle Paul said, ‘fearlessly work at telling other the Good News of Jesus and carry out the ministry God has for you’ (2Tim4:5).  Ask yourself this question, ‘what do I see as my part in His body and will I allow the Holy Spirit to prepare me to be ready in season?’ My dad used to say, ‘you get what you are willing to give’. That is so true; we will reap in kind based on the attitude we bring with us. Often, I see people who come to church and seem to get nothing. What did they come to bring? Did they come just to get and not to give or participate? Did they just bring an attitude of unbelief that thought they were not going to get much and so received nothing? Someone has said how much attitude affects everything. Is your attitude one of believing faith that comes trusting God to move you giving you a heart for His purposes? Stop delighting in merely telling what you think, and start looking and listening for God’s word to bring His voice of change in you, making you a valuable asset for His purposes of healing the lives of others who are living life looking for love, but in all the wrong places.  When the word comes alive in you, it will be the manifest love others are desperately looking for.  And it will come as Good News–refreshing news, but how will they hear unless there is a field worker nearby their pain?  Are you spreading words that are caustic and divisive, or do they possess the power to heal?  You must realize while the whole world reaches for something for the pain, you are God’s pain management tool.  A ‘Love Application’ in the highest order, prescribed by great authority and highly effective to vanquish every sorrow and grief. The real issue is my heart and a faith that is working for the Kingdom of God and not my own. Will you consider working with me to reap a harvest in these days? Contact us today, we will pray with you for God’s will and His work.