The Value of God’s Thoughts

Just what is the surpassing value of knowing God and thinking His thoughts?  Jesus says in John 14:1, ‘Believe in God, believe also on Me’. The benefit of this well placed trust is a heart that receives comfort amid troubling circumstances and a mind that cannot fail to accomplish great things for His Kingdom.  I had this thought and I believe it is for you….Give God your mind and His thinking will develop your actions to do exceedingly beyond anything you could think as possible! Someone said recently when speaking to a group of young believers:  How valuable is your life? How valuable is your walk with God and just how will God carry forth His word and advance His message, if not with you?  Son, Daughter–Your life is highly valuable in God’s hands; give Him your mind, think on His word and in faith you will believe and do what is only possible with Him!

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