The Love that Listening Inspires

The Spirit’s role is to make your life a conduit inspiring the greatness of God in others through faith. It is important, not that you just read or hear, but comprehend His love and word by listening! Listening involves a developed skill by which you gain awareness, a capacity for spiritual growth and greater understanding. In Mark 4:24-25; Jesus says, ‘take care how you listen’. Listening will ensure your place in the Kingdom by giving you access to ‘spiritual capital’ which is the riches of Christ. Your life will be full and satisfied, and from it, your abundance will overflow to many others. Are you failing to comprehend His love and desire for your life? Listen more closely…get still….put sin away…and come to His word. Jesus promised, if you truly belong to Him, you would hear His voice speaking, going ahead of you and bringing you to an awareness which will make you fully satisfied as His follower actualizing an anointing for the greatness of God in you and through you. Your life will accomplish His purpose inspiring faith and  love for God in others…when you listen.  He says, be careful how you listen, because I am seeking to reach many who are on your watch.  Come! There is a love that listening inspires and I would have you to know its abundance.

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