Today I Call You Sons

On a morning shortly before the new year I found myself at a troubled place wanting to hear the Father speak a word to my heart; it was then I was reminded of this scripture in Psalm 5:3; which says: “In the morning I will order my prayer to Thee and eagerly watch”. David prayed this prayer with a heavy heart to remove his groaning cry; it was a prayer that could shelter his soul from evil and keep his path straight. My prayer began with just a glimpse of how my life had grieved the heavenly Father by saying, ‘Lord I want to be Your son–a vessel you can use, so remove all my failures–I don’t want to fail you as a son….’  As I continued to follow the word I had heard and watch, I believe the Lord spoke clearly by saying: “Your many devices grieve Me because in them you believe they help you know Me, and nothing could be further from the truth. Worship has become just another song on an endless playlist made common by meaningless repetition, but still you’re moved no closer to my heart to know Me….You grieve Me in that you look to preach to others and your the man I wish to speak to as a son….You can easily see the moral failures of others but will you see yourself?… I made you to be My son, My ambassador.” Interestingly enough the word I heard refreshed my heart namely because I believe it was spoken by a loving Father who had my best interest in mind. I further took great encouragement in His endearing reference to me as “son.”  You see, if that word makes you angry, you will likely miss the Love the Heavenly Father has for you as a son. Do you contemplate your life as God’s son? To all sons He would ask: just where is your treasure?; And what has your ear?; Where is the leaning of your heart and to whom do you cry?; And whereby is your life occupied?  Today, He calls you son if you hear His voice.  In this new Year will you hear His voice, or will you just be content to go thru life understanding your God from a distance, semi-friendly with the knowledge of Him and missing your place as a son?

1 thought on “Today I Call You Sons”

  1. Thoughtful word that set my soul to ponder and examine my own heart and motives. Your latest post reveals the contrite heart all of us must have as His children, if we are truly sons and daughters of God. Over the last year, my loving Heavenly Father reproved me a few notable times. In each moment there was correction (and it hurt), but there was also a setting free from bonds that shackled me from becoming the son that God has destined me to be. I have so far to go but I can rest assured that I am in the right hands.

    We live in such a broken and superficial society. God wants to heal that brokenness and give us every blessing in Christ (Eph 1:3). He is also calling us to a deeply meaningful relationship with Him, nothing superficial or even ordinary. He is a deep God whose heart and ways are deep. He wants to transform us to have a depth of holiness and maturity in Him. He gave all to us and now we must give all to Him, if we are to live life to the full. Not easy, but possible because He has made it so. Yet, the rewards for following Him with all our hearts and acknowledging Him in all are ways are worth more than the world’s riches. Mark 8:36 – “What good is it for a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?”

    Thank you for posting a rich and beautiful insight that speaks to how we are to work out our salvation in the presence of a holy God.

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