The Way to Victory

God desires that you overcome today.  David gives us the proper focus in Psalm 27:4 when he says, ‘One thing I have asked of the Lord and that I will seek..’  He underscores the high priority of God’s presence staying focused on the place where His glory dwells with us.  I believe today God is saying on the basis of His word, you and I need to arrive at that place of decision–a place where we take a stand with the Lord and seek His presence.  He says, ‘follow these steps on your way to seeing greater confidence living an overcoming life’.  He says, ‘Fear no man; make no room for evil; and ask what you would that I could do for you.  I will do mighty things even greater that what you could ask me for.’  Stand today in the fearless abode of a loving Father who desires to publish abroad a miraculous testimony through your life that rescues, heals, and delivers.

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