Redeem Us For Your Glory

Man wishes a change he can believe in, which usually means something he can see and have on his own terms. God says believe in Me because only I can redeem what men would reject. He says, ‘I have the power to redeem the discarded, the broken, the warped; and on My terms will I turn it to a thing of beauty….’ Redeem our waste places Lord to become a testimony that You live there.  Change our dry, cracked land to receive the Good seed well watered by an understanding of Your love so deep, that we should yet bring You glory!

The Priority of His Presence

God desires that you overcome today. David gives us the proper focus in Psalm 27:4 when he says, ‘One thing I have asked of the Lord and that I will seek..’ He underscores the high priority of God’s presence staying focused on the place where His glory dwells with us. I believe today God is saying on the basis of His word, you and I need to arrive at that place of decision–a place where we take a stand with the Lord and seek His presence. He says, ‘follow these steps on your way to seeing greater confidence living an overcoming life’. He says, ‘Fear no man; make no room for evil; and ask what you would that I could do for you. I will do mighty things even greater that what you could ask me for.’ Stand today in the fearless abode of a loving Father who desires to publish abroad a miraculous testimony through your life that rescues, heals, and delivers.